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Jack Turner

was a web developer / designer in the late '90s—with clients including Alec Baldwin and Lillian Vernon—before studying electronic art and communication theory at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Since then, he has:

  • … run a Mac software company that made tools for live video performance.
  • … performed at Lincoln Center.
  • … got sucked back into making web pages.
  • … wrote software used by the Beastie Boys on their last tour.
  • … learned how to roast some damn fine coffee at home.
  • … produced video for Madlib's performance at the EMPAC center opening.

Jack likes em dashes, the movie True Stories, standing in art galleries with a stupid smile on his face, and writing in the third-person.

Adam Grossman

received a degree in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2003, but soon lost interest in that career path when he realized that he'd never get his time machine to work.

Since then, he has:

  • … worked as a professional blacksmith spending his days bent over an anvil and coal forge, forcing hot iron to do his bidding.
  • … been a model builder for Lego where he constructed, among other things, several hundred Harry Potter crotches.
  • … developed technology to dynamically stitch together internet radio broadcasts.
  • … became a master in the art of moonshine distilling and beef jerky manufacturing.
  • … written software to help NASA keep track of their spacesuits.

Adam likes hot sauce, one-eyed bunny rabbits, sock puppets, and would kill for a grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwich.

— Our Partners —

Thanks to our network of artists, programmers and problem solvers, we are able to tackle the kinds of projects we love.

David Lublin

  • User interface design
  • MacOS application development
  • iPhone development
  • Event production & video performance

Kevin Luddy

  • Business development
  • Systems integration

Jenny Wright

  • Graphic design
  • Design for the web
  • Illustration

George Ardeleanu

  • Database design and optimization
  • Ruby on Rails and Java web application development

Misha Rabinovich

  • Design for the web
  • Flash development and design