A restorative treatment might be what you need if you’re experiencing pain in your tooth or teeth and can’t get it resolved by simply brushing and flossing regularly. Here are 3 reasons you might need restorative treatment to get you started on the road to recovery and restore your smile back to its healthy self.

1) Soreness

If you notice your teeth feel a little more sore than usual, it could mean they’re in need of dental restorative treatment. When tooth enamel gets worn away by acid erosion or teeth are damaged by decay, they tend to become softer and easier to wear down again over time.

That is when you might notice your teeth become more sensitive or painful when chewing or consuming cold and hot foods. If left untreated, an early stage of tooth decay can lead to a loss of enamel which allows soft dentin to be exposed under hard enamel.

2) Cavities

Prevention is key when it comes to oral health. Of course, many of us want a Hollywood smile, but being too cavalier with our oral hygiene can lead to costly dental restorative treatments down the road.

One tooth-rotting ailment that might indicate you need a dental restorative treatment is a cavity. Cavities develop over time, at first appearing as tiny spots on your teeth’s enamel. But if you don’t floss regularly and brush twice daily, there’s little chance that decay will stay confined to just those spots.

Tooth decay can lead to dental restorative treatments: If left untreated, cavities can eventually eat away at your tooth enamel completely. This leads to soft tissue damage and possible infection of surrounding gum tissue.

If you ignore it long enough, a serious infection could form in your jawbone or even spread into other parts of your body. To prevent such drastic measures from being necessary, make sure you visit our office for regular checkups so we can catch any cavities before they get out of hand!

3) Cracked teeth

When we grind our teeth, they can become cracked. This can leave a gap in between each tooth and if food gets stuck there, it can cause serious dental problems, including tooth decay.

A dentist might suggest a dental restorative treatment to fill in those gaps so that your teeth are better protected from decay. In some cases, a cracked tooth might be too badly damaged to save and may need to be replaced with an implant or crown.


The main reason to consider a dental restorative treatment is to regain your oral health. Taking advantage of treatments your dentists offers should be viewed as an investment in your long-term well-being. Visit our website at rosewooddentalyukon.com to schedule an appointment today!