Being involved in a workers compensation suit can be a particularly stressful situation, even if you are not injured to the extent where you cannot work. One reason for this is because filing suit against our place of employment can often mean tension or even harassment, even if that’s against the law. Such case like this must be handled with gentle gloves.

Here are four tips for preparing yourself for a battle in court before even contacting a worker’s compensation lawyer.

1. Document Everything

The most important thing you need to do, as in any case involving personal injury, is begin documenting every aspect of the incident. As in all cases, this means everything from witness statements to photographs to accident reports. Make sure that everything has been written down or recorded in some fashion and that you have the ability to retain copies.

2. Photograph Everything

Accidents are often complex situations — and even if it seems obvious what occurred, a little time and a little rhetoric can quickly distort the situation. But photographs are difficult to argue with. Do everything in your power to make sure that every variable of the situation is documented in this fashion.

3. Do Not Speak About It

“This is reserved for your lawyer and people directly involved.” – Chris at Kentons Law Office. This will be especially difficult because people are most likely going to want to talk with you about what happened. Coworkers and even supervisors may be concerned about you, especially if you’ve been injured badly. Family and friends are going to want to talk with you about it as well.

But it is imperative that you keep your opinions and details about the incident to yourself. The time will come when you can discuss it, but for right now you should be more concerned with the outcome of the case.

Even if you don’t think that you’re going to file suit beyond basic worker’s compensation, don’t speak with anyone about it, and the golden rule is never, ever accept responsibility. No matter how responsible you feel, you have time in the future to do that if you feel it is necessary.

4. Have an Attorney Lined Up Beforehand

Possibly one of the most important precautions you can take is to keep a lawyer’s information on hand before a worker’s compensation incident ever occurs. Find a good lawyer that specializes in wide range of cases to make sure you’re covered no matter where you go in your life.

Keep their cell phone number saved in your phone and possibly written down somewhere in your vehicle. Then when the worst happens, all you have to do is make a phone call.